General terms and conditions

Article 1: Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms shall have the following meanings: 
The Client: Tour operators, travel agencies, coach operators, all tourism professionals who have made group reservations, or natural or legal persons making a group reservation in the course of their professional or association activity.
GTCS: the present General Terms and Conditions of Group Sales applicable to the client and the hotel establishment.
Option date: date fixed by the hotel and/or the Brit Hotel reservation centre, which the client must confirm, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in article 2 of the present GCTS.

Article 2: Application
The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply exclusively to relations between clients in the course of their professional activities and Brit Hotel Developpement SAS, with a capital of €150,000, whose registered office is located at 22, rue Louis Lavergne, 22603 Loudéac Cedex, registered n Saint-Brieuc under number 433 981 206 00017, represented by Mr Guy Gerault, Deputy Managing Director, Brit Hotel Développement.
The GTCS are applicable from 15 paying persons for a stay of the same duration, including identical services and subject to the same invoice. The price quoted is calculated on the basis of a double room (occupied by 2 persons), per day and per person, breakfast, taxes and services included, excluding tourist tax. Free accommodation is calculated as follows: single room (operator) starting from 20 paying persons: free accommodation is then applied to the 21st person (1 single room) then from the 42nd, on the basis of a 1½ double. Any items free of charge connected to the catering service are specified on the quotations. The rate of VAT retained is that in force on the day of the reservation. These GTCS cancel and replace those previously published. They are given as an indication and are subject to modifications without prior notice. Economic fluctuations may result in changes in rates and benefits.
Single rooms: A surcharge of €6.00 may be applied per room (in addition to the single supplement) from 5 single rooms booked. 

Article 3: Contract formation
The contract is definitively confirmed only after the return to the hotel or to the Brit Hotel reservations centre, of  written acceptance of the quotation before the indicated option end date.
This acceptance applies to the terms of the quotation as well as to the entire BRIT HOTEL GTCS.
Any dispute or complaint must be addressed to our company by registered signed-for letter within a maximum of 8 days. After this time no complaint can be addressed. In accordance with Articles 56, 58 and 127 of the Code of Civil Procedure, any complaint, dispute or litigation, will be the subject of an attempt to reach an amicable resolution (negotiation, collaborative process, participatory procedure, mediation or conciliation). In case of failure, the dispute will be submitted to the competent court on which the company's registered office depends (including debt collection procedures)

Article 4: Option date
The option date will be set on a case-by-case basis with the hotel or the Brit Hotel reservations centre. In the absence of written confirmation within the deadline mentioned on the option letter, the hotel or the Brit Hotel reservation centre reserves the right to resell any unconfirmed rooms.

Article 5: Reservations
The booked option becomes a confirmed reservation when the following two conditions are imperatively met: 
-    After reception by the reservation centre or by the hotel of a written confirmation of the quotation by mail, fax or post no later than the final day of the option. 
The confirmation must show the services selected (drinks package, breakfast buffet supplement, etc.).
The proforma will be based on this confirmation.
-    After the payment of a 30% deposit which will be cashed in 8 days and will remain with the hotel in case of cancellation fewer than 30 days before the arrival of the group. Of course, this condition does not apply if the terms of payment contracted are different (they are indicated on the request as well as on the mail including the option).
The amount of the deposit requested is shown on the proforma which will be sent by the hotel, and must be paid  1 month at the latest before the arrival of the group.  

Article 6: Payment Terms

The applicable payment terms are indicated on the application. 
Failing this, the balance of the invoice must be settled before the arrival of the group by credit card, cash in euros or by bank transfer 8 days before the arrival of the group.

Invoices are established and payable in euros. Any delay or lack of payment noted by the hotel on a single invoice confers the right to: 
-    unilaterally cancel future reservations and terminate this contract without compensation to the client.
-    charge late payment penalties to the client based on one and a half times the legal interest rate.
No discount will be paid in case of early payment of invoices.
Any costs incurred by the hotel in recovering its claims are borne by the client.

Penal Clause:
Any delay in payment of more than 30 days will automatically involve the sending of a formal notice and the enforcement of the penalty clause by way of damages equal to 20% of the unpaid amount.
The costs of any procedure incurred by the hotel in recovering its debts will be borne by the client.

Article 7: Catering
For half board, the menus are understood to exclude drinks (based on 3 courses). The drinks package is extra.
For meal breaks, the menus include drinks (based on 3 courses, water, ¼ pitcher of wine and coffee).

Article 8: Guarantee of diner numbers and rooms
For the accommodation, the number of persons making up the group and the Rooming-List must obligatorily be established and communicated to the hotel 10 days at the latest before the arrival of the group.  For the catering, the choice of menus must be established and communicated no later than 10 days before the arrival of the group. The number of diners must be communicated at least 48 hours before the arrival of the group. This number will serve as the basis for billing.

Article 9: Modifications and cancellations
Any modification or cancellation, partial or total, must be the subject of a written request to the hotel or to the Brit Hotel reservation centre. In case of disagreement, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the contract and to apply the penalties indicated below.
Partial or total cancellations will be invoiced as follows (from the date of arrival of the client): 
-     Over 30 days: No compensation and refund of the deposit (if already paid) 
-     Under 30 days: Encashment of the deposit acquired by the hotel, to which are added the following indemnities according to the date of the cancellation: 
o    From 30 to 10 days: the hotel charges 30% of the amount inclusive of VAT of the cancelled services.
o    From 9 to 3 days: the hotel charges 50% of the amount inclusive of VAT of the cancelled services.
o    Under 3 days: the hotel charges 100% of the amount inclusive of VAT of the cancelled services.
o    No-show or cancellation without notice: the hotel charges 100% of the amount inclusive of VAT of the stay.
These cancellation policies do not apply to the following hotels; The Brit Hôtel Azur Hôtel in St André de la Marche, and the Nantes hotels only on June weekends and Le Lodge Hotel in Strasbourg for the period of the Christmas markets.
Should the group be reduced to less than 15 paying guests, the hotel reserves the right to charge the service on the basis of the individual displayed rates applicable on the day of arrival in the hotel.

Article 10: Dislodgement
In the event of a partial or total dislodgement depending on the wishes of the hotel, the guests will be accommodated in an establishment of equivalent category or superior in the vicinity of the hotel and with no price supplement.
The costs inherent in the transfer will be borne by the hotel without the client being able to rely on the payment of any additional indemnity.

Article 11: Force majeure
Any event external to the parties, which is both unpredictable and insurmountable, which prevents either the client, the participants or the service providers involved in the execution of the stay from performing the obligations provided for in this contract for the parties. This shall apply in particular to strikes in transport, or by hotel staff, etc. It is expressly agreed that force majeure shall suspend the fulfilment of the reciprocal obligations of the parties.

Article 12: Extras
Extras (telephone, consumption excluding reserved services, pay-tv, etc.) must be paid by participants on checking out before the group leaves the hotel. The client agrees to ensure compliance with this rule by all accompanying persons.
Loss of any keys made available to the client will be invoiced and settled on site.

Article 13: Multiple Reservations
The client is prohibited from entering into several contracts for the same stay with several hotels. Any violation of this rule entitles the hotel to cancel the contract unilaterally. In such cases, no compensation can be claimed by the client.

Article 14: Child Policy
Each institution shall implement its own child policy. The rates and conditions of application are the responsibility of each establishment. Rates and conditions are available on request from the hotel and the Brit Hotel reservations centre.

Article 15: Rules of conduct
Consumption of food and beverages other than those provided by the hotel is prohibited. The hotel may terminate the provision of all such services without notice or compensation if clients harm the operation of the hotel or damage the reputation or security of the hotel.

Article 16: Insurance and Liability 
As the hotel does not have custody of the personal belongings of the participants, nor the equipment that the client stores in the rooms and premises, it can under no circumstances be held responsible in the event of theft or disappearance of said personal effects and / or equipment.
The insurance of the equipment and the personal belongings of the participants remain the responsibility of the client, who expressly waives any recourse against the hotel for any damage caused to these goods in this respect, including the theft of these goods.
Regarding clothing, luggage and miscellaneous items deposited in the rooms as well as the objects left in the vehicles parked on the premises of which the hotel has the privileged use, the responsibility of the hotel can not be engaged beyond what is provided for by law under articles 1952 to 1954 of the Civil Code.

Article 17: Complaints
Any complaint must be sent by e-mail to the following address:, or by fax to 02 99 14 97 55 or by post to the following address: Brit Hotel Développement / ZAC Sud Est / 22 Rue des Landelles / 35340 CHANTEPIE.
Any disputes relating to the formation, execution and termination of contractual obligations between the parties which could not be settled amicably between them will be submitted to the Tourism and Travel mediation service case of failure, disputes shall be brought before the competent French courts of the place of the registered office of the hotel, including payment disputes and other recovery procedures.
 - website of mediation service in France:
 - European online dispute resolution platform for consumer disputes:
 - The Mediators Club:
 - The European Consumer Centre 
Article 18: Applicable law
Any dispute which cannot be settled amicably, relating to the validity, interpretation, or execution of this contract shall be submitted to the discretion of the competent court within whose jurisdiction the hotel is located.

These general conditions of sale are subject to French law. The application of the Vienna Convention to the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

The registers and computerised files of Brit Hôtel will be considered by the parties as proof of the communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties, with the burden being on the client to provide contradictory evidence.
The fact that Brit Hotel does not avail itself at any time of one of the clauses of the present general conditions of sale, does not exclude the right to avail itself subsequently of these same clauses.